About AAMO

Afghan American Muslim Outreach (AAMO) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, non-political grassroots organization established in October of 2006 to serve the Afghan community through social activism, fostering an Afghan American Muslim identity, and empower future generations with the tools and means to enhance their education and skills, and to pursue higher education to better serve their communities with confidence and higher skills. AAMO carries out its mission through the following:

Conferences and Seminars

In the past 13 years, AAMO has successfully organized dozens of ‎conferences and educational seminars in both southern and northern California. At these events, ‎well-known scholars and experts were invited to address some of the most relevant and ‎contemporary issues such as preserving Islamic identities in the west, marriage – a lifetime journey, ‎faith in action, spiritual preparation for Ramadan, living in the west and how to deal with its ‎challenges, family in Islam, 9 steps to Achieve Your Destiny, growing up as Muslim in America, ‎and more. All of our conferences were conducted in Dari and English languages to cater both to the ‎youth and their parents. ‎ AAMO empowers the youth to become leaders through providing them with the opportunity to ‎create, organize and lead a variety of different programs that benefit and educate the Afghan-‎American Muslim community. Board members of AAMO work closely with the youth in order to help ‎them develop their leadership skills. These practical experiences provide an opportunity to the youth to become strong leaders and ‎effective communicators. Alhamdullilah, AAMO takes pride in many of today’s young and energetic ‎leaders who are serving selflessly in the leadership of various Masajid and many Islamic ‎organizations. AAMO's advisers are some of the most influential Afghan-Muslim scholars and ‎leaders of our community.‎ ‎

Media Relations

AAMO has been working with various Afghan TV shows producers and hosts to present an undistorted image of Islam among Afghans and non-Afghans. AAMO has successfully reached ‎out to millions of viewers who have developed an unadulterated understanding of Islam and are ‎empowered with the knowledge necessary to cultivate and preserve their Islamic identity through ‎various TV shows‎.


AAMO's research committee is determined to offer a variety of publications addressing the needs of ‎Afghans and Muslims living in western countries. The majority of our conferences had informative ‎booklets related to the theme of the conference, books such as Du’aa book, Hajj and Umrah, ‎Enhancing Security and Social Relations of Masajid. ‎


AAMO conducts specific workshops with highly trained experts for both the youth and adults to advance skills necessary to deal with challenges they face on a daily basis. These workshops will provide guidance, counseling, and will nurture their spiritual, educational & professional growth.

Scholarship Program

In 2018, AMO launched scholarship program to invest on potential scholars and leaders of tomorrow by providing them the financial assistance they need; scholarships can help overcome the barriers that prevent these students from pursuing their dream of attaining their educational goals.

AAMO Fatiha Announcement Service:

AAMO will start an online service that will announce the Fatiha and funeral of all Afghan-American Muslims. These services are available through an easy subscription to our website.

Our Board of Directors

Masoud Nassimi President

Ustad Fazl Ghani Mogaddedi AAMO Board Chair

Sajeda Sultani

Abdul Nasir Arghandehwal

Mir Mohammad Zaher Noori

Wali Abdul Hanifzai

Sarwar Omar

Simin Omar

Lamba Aziz Hanifzai

Hamira Omar

Hedayatulla Haidari

Sayara Peerzay Mohammady

Mahmood Omid

Our Board of Advisors

Dr. Abdul Sattar Sirat Board of Advisors President

Dr. Hamdullah Sayedi

Sayed Mahmoud Gillani

Qari Safiullah Samady

Dr. Arshad Irshad

Dr. Mohammad Daoud Nassimi

Ustad Abdul Ali Noor Erarie

Dr. Abdul Aleem Ahmady

Dr. Sayed Jan Bayan

AAMO Staff

Hamed Noorzay Outreach manager

Lisa Sarabi Web Developer